Partners for Health

Partners for health offers solutions for some of the most pressing issues facing drivers, motor carriers and medical examiners.

Those using DOTInsight products including Teamworx, FleetCERTUSA or the FREE driver mobile app will have access to all or most of these services, some at discounted prices!

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Sleep Apnea

BetterNight has respected roots in sleep medicine, engineering successful home sleep testing processes nearly 25 years ago to help patients sleep better at night. Today, BetterNight relies on a staff of over 100 experienced sleep health professionals to meet the needs of our patients.

From Board-registered polysomnographic technicians and respiratory therapists to expert Cognitive Behavioral Therapy counselors and best-in-class data analysts, we share the same goal: help people achieve fuller, healthier, more satisfying days thanks to consistently deep sleep at night.

We’ve been offering PAP services for more than a decade, and have proudly maintained Joint Commission Accreditation for over 10 years. A recognized lead provider of PAP services in the San Diego metropolitan region, we serve over 22,000 patients annually.

Our consistent success with this tradition led us to look for new and substantive ways to serve the next generation of sleepers. Integrating complex proprietary algorithms with sleek tech interface allows us to bring decades of research and clinically validated treatments to the fingertips of each patient.

Technology alone can’t help patients surmount their most challenging sleep issues, which is why we are ultimately in the business of human connection. Our caring counselors and physicians provide the warm, supportive, and personal context for each person’s path toward their best health and happy days. Sleep is the real breakfast of champions. Let’s start there.

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For medical examiners only.

Telesensi™ Cardiac*

An AI powered murmur screening application, has an accuracy of over 95%, dramatically alleviating the burden of unnecessary murmur referrals for DOT and other exams performed by medical examiners.

Suspected murmur referrals cost patients and medical networks thousands of dollars per case, yet the majority of these referrals turn out to be negative.  TeleSensi™ CARDIAC screening can eliminate most of these unnecessary referrals.  For additional certainty, recordings of an auscultation can be shared with a cardiologist, avoiding patient travel.

Who uses Telesensi™ CARDIAC?

  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Occupational Health Clinics
  • DOT Certified Medical Examiners
  • Those performing Mandated Athletic Physicals

*The system requires use of the Littman 3200 stethoscope.


Diabetes and Hypertension

For medical examiners – use as a benefit for carriers, Motor Carriers

TrueLifeCare improves health and dramatically reduces medical costs for employees with diabetes and hypertension. TrueLifeCare gives people with diabetes the individual help and support they need to regain and maintain control of their health and life. TrueLifeCare is the proven, evidence-based package that helps people with diabetes achieve better health outcomes. What sets us apart is the level of engagement with our members and that we deliver our program by redirecting current spending – meaning no new investment.

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