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Community FAQ

DOTInsight Community is a free, searchable resource for medical examiners to ask questions and get answers for anything relating to the DOT Exam. Prepare for the NRCME exam, get the latest info, and ask the unusual questions relating to the DOT Exam.

The Pass My Physical Network includes advertising your business in the PMP mobile app and website, as well as access to the tools in your plan. The DOTinsight plan includes access to most of the PMP tools and driver marketing, but does not include the EHR or various premium features. You may upgrade to include Premium or the EHR at anytime.

Pass My Physical actively puts its member clinics in front of thousands of drivers using our DOT Physical Exam map system. Our top listed members are always those using the EHR.

DOTInsight Community offers forums to discuss training questions, medical examiner questions, and FMCSA updates.

DOTInsight Community requires an account to participate in the forums and to upgrade and access paid content.

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DOTInsight Community gives medical examiners a place to ask any question relating to the DOT Exam. From training to advanced questions, we are here to help and grow your practice.

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NEW! NRCME Accredited Training Program.

Best Chance to Pass the Exam on the First Try!

This course is the most up to date and current course available for those who are preparing to take the certification exam so that they can continue to be on, or added to, the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners or NRCME.

This course is perfect for the FMCSA 10-year recertification requirement. It is also a great medical examiner review course for those current medical examiners to update their knowledge and skills.

This complete course was prepared so that all defined categories identified by the National Registry as being critical to the Certified Medical Examiner and specifically identified as areas to be tested, are organized separately and contain regulatory and advisory guidance for specifically defined conditions, their treatment, required testing, and defined physical examination criteria.

By completing and passing the course you may receive 6 PACE Chiropractic CE credits, 6 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ or ANCC.