Whether you are a company driver, owner operator or independent

  • Eliminate Most Delays

    Pass My Physical’s medical exam management mobile and web applications enable you to effectively eliminate most delays related to your DOT physical exam.

  • Prepare for Your Exam

    The PMP mobile application will provide you with everything you need to prepare for your next exam.

  • Regular Maintenance

    Important alerts for proposed medical regulation changes and the need for updates to your medical information to make your next exam as easy as possible.

  • Secure Access to Medical Information

    PMP’s secure data center keeps your data secure and conveniently at your finger tips when you need it.

iOS and Android Mobile Application Features.


  • The app automatically fills out the exam form based on medical information entered by you.
  • Identifies which conditions require a medical clearance letter from the driver’s doctor.
  • Connect to the PMP web app for access to pre-printed medical clearance letters for all conditions.
  • Identify which medical tests are required for your condition or treatment.
  • Confirms the waiting periods associated with your condition or treatment (if any).
  • Identify the conditions that need a waiver, exemption or skill performance evaluation.
  • Identify medications that can be a problem and how, or if, you can be cleared for driving.
  • Locate Medical Examiners near you.


  • Store your previously entered medical information.
  • Receive monthly reminders to update medical information when appropriate.
  • Receive alerts notifying you of proposed changes to medical regulations and guidance that may affect you.
  • Receive alerts as to when your next re-certification is due.

In coordination with the mobile app, the web app enables you to:

  • Print out a completed DOT exam form.
  • Print out any needed medical clearance letters.
  • Locate nearby Medical Examiners.
  • Access your (previously entered) medical information.
  • Review answers to frequently asked questions? about the DOT physical exam.
  • Connect to PMP’s blog for updates on the DOT physical exam, as well as health and safety best practices.


Simplify the exam process by storing your medical information in PMP’s secure data center.

PMP employs industry best practices in order to safeguard your medical information. These practice include:

Administrative Safeguards:

  1. Access and Use – Limited access based on needs and duties.
  2. Privacy Policies & Procedures – Outlining audits, training and management oversight.
  3. Training and Management – Includes background checks, ongoing training and regular reviews.
  4. Mitigation – Regular evaluation of PMP’s compliance program.
  5. Audit Trail – Record maintenance in order to audit activities.

Physical Safeguards:

  1. Access and Use – Security for electronic data, such as encryption, authentication and passwords.
  2. Redundancy – Duplicate copies of data for disaster recovery purposes.
  3. Integrity – Data integrity checks to detect file corruption.