Returns/Refunds Policy



Only books and manuals may be returned.

The buyer must obtain permission to return within 5 days of receiving purchased item. Please call (315) 637-7233 to obtain PERMISSION TO RETURN MERCHANDISE. Returned item/parcels received by seller that have not been granted permission will be rejected. There is no deviation from this plan.

The following items may NOT be returned or refunded:

  • Storage of information
  • Medical Clearance Letters
  • access to, nor the partial or full completion to the fillable medical examination form
  • any downloadable or printable product

Instructions for shipping returned items once permission has been granted:

The buyer must ship by means of tracking and traceable shipment methods. We do not assume any responsibility for items you ship that become lost or damaged in transit. You are encouraged to purchase any available and appropriate shipping insurance at the time you ship your package so that should loss or damage occur while the parcel is in transit, you will be able to notify the shipper and claim your losses.

The buyer must insure the parcel to the full value of the purchase amount.

The buyer assumes responsibility for any shipping costs for returned items.

Acceptable condition of returned merchandise once permission to return item has been granted by seller:

Without deviation, our policy is that returned merchandise must be in perfect/new condition! A restocking fee of 30% may apply, and a higher rate for restocking may be imposed if returned items are received in anything less than perfect condition.

Why is our policy inflexible?

Unfortunately, it is the few that can spoil it for everybody. The merchandise you will or have purchased is copyrighted material. The seller makes every effort to prevent misuse of merchandise’s copyright. The seller also makes every effort to insure his proprietary products/information is protected. We hope that logic prevails to you as you read this policy.

Method of refund:

Due refunds will be processed electronically. Refunds are never sent in the form of checks when merchandise has been purchased from this website.

Changes to our policy.

This policy may be revised at any time without notice to the public or to our customers.