Medical Exam FAQs.

Q. Who determines how long my certification will be good for?

A. Medical certification for those driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) in interstate commerce is required at least once every two years.

School bus drivers typically are required to have an examination annually based on State law.

Your certification may be shortened based on your current state of health or if you suffer from a medical condition regulated by the FMCSA, or if the medical examiner feels there should be more frequent monitoring of your health.

Many medical conditions and their treatment may lead to a shortened certification period, for example blood pressure issues, a history of heart problems, being treated for depression and more.

For a thorough list of those conditions and treatment that may shorten your certification time, download the FREE mobile app.

Q. Can a driver request reconsideration, or can they obtain a second opinion if they are found “not qualified” following an examination.

A. Yes. The decision to qualify a driver is up to the medical examiner and can relate to a new condition, an abnormal finding during the examination, the need for required testing or maybe even a waiting period attached to a medical event or its treatment.