Affordable, Easy to Use, Fully Integrated


FREE to download, free to store your medical history and information, and free notifications to renew your DOT Physical certificate.


Add 350-650 HOS per 100 driver exams! Decrease overhead, prevent delays, and keep your drivers healthy and on the road with our DOT Physical management platform.

DOTInsight & EHR

Fully connected, direction driven, secure, and designed to build and manage your DOT Physical business. Access to regulations & guidance and/or fully connected EHR platform.

Solutions for Medical Certificate Delays

Motor Carriers and Drivers, Pass My Physical effectively eliminates most delays

  • Eliminates most delays related to drivers’ DOT physical exam
  • Drivers store medical information for FREE, download now.
  • Easy storage and access for all report forms and medical certification cards.
  • Automatic reminders for drivers and motor carriers of upcoming required exams.
  • Automatically identify possible roadblocks in the exam process and provide a solution before you go to your next exam.
  • Access to medical clearance letters for all conditions that are regulated or have guidance.
  • Easy access to all regulations and guidance.
  • Drivers and Motor Carriers connect directly to medical examiners for quick access of exams and results.

The Industry Connecting Platform / DOTInsight & EHR

Complete & Connected DOTInsight EHR

Receive driver exam forms digitally, automatically submit completed exams

Increase Business & Revenue

Pass My Physical connects you directly to the driver by providing direct access to request an exam. Joining Pass My Physical ensures you keep your schedule full with prepared drivers that can send you their completed exam form with the tap of a button.

Digital Exam Form Access, Storage

Each exam is stored in our HIPPA compliant cloud storage. Securely access, save, and release the exam results to both the Driver and the Driver’s Motor Carrier.

Schedule More Exams

Drivers can request an exam through the Pass My Physical app with a quick tap of a button. Once an exam is completed, the driver’s app will point them to you again the following year by saving your information to their account.

FMCSA Automatic Submission

Once an exam is completed, submit the exam results directly to the FMCSA. No more paper storage, no more manual submissions to the FMCSA; resulting in lower overhead for your business.

Motor Carrier Platform

Connecting to your motor carriers has never been easier with Pass My Physical’s free motor carrier access. Simply create an account and have a driver select to share their exam with you from their app; results will become immediately available for one-time access in your free account.

Lowest Cost EHR

Pass My Physical is not only the most connected and usable system, but also the least expensive! With all of these fantastic features and with the lowest cost, joining the Pass My Physical national network of providers should be a no-brainer! Contact us today to get started.

FLEETCertUSA by Pass My Physical

Manage your fleet, eliminate most delays, and keep your drivers on the road

  • Eliminates most delays related to drivers’ DOT physical exam
  • Motor Carriers using the platform can achieve an ROI of 48:1.
  • Quick, easy access to all regulations and guidance.
  • Access to clearance letters for all medical conditions that are regulated or have guidance
  • Driver status shows when your drivers need to renew their DOT certificate.
  • Secure storage and digital access of exam results.
  • Affordable, easy to use, accurate, and compliant.