The nature of DOT physical exams have historically led to delays in medical certification due to Complexity and Ambiguity


For example, in order to receive a certificate from a Medical Examiner (ME), a driver with a medical history of recent MI or heart attack must (among other requirements):

  • Get a clearance letter from their treating provider;
  • Must get an Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT);
  • Must get an electrocardiogram (ECG);
  • Fulfill a two month waiting period; and
  • Confirm current medications with dosages for the ME.


For example, there is no FMCSA regulation regarding sleep apnea evaluation and the basic assessment parameters are subject to interpretation. Subsequently, motor carriers and drivers face:

  • An ME whose job it is to determine fitness for duty, not to diagnosis;
  • A possibility an ME will send a driver to see a specialist absent the appropriate support.


PMP’s medical exam management platform effectively eliminates most delays related to drivers’ DOT physical exam. By eliminating certification delays:

  • drivers utilizing PMP’s platform can achieve an ROI of 8.91-to-1; and
  • motor carriers utilizing PMP’s platform can achieve an ROI of 6.68-to-1.
Stay healthier
Stay safer
Pass Your Physical
Get clearance letters
Stay on the Road

More Operating Revenue

  • Keep freight moving
  • Secure better freight rates by improving SMS scores

Lower Regulatory Administrative Burden

  • Gain insight into the fleet’s certification status
  • Proactively respond to impending expirations

Less Operating Expense

  • Ensure new hires arrive at a terminal prepared to take the medical exam
  • Reduce medical certification costs by eliminating the need to retake the exam
  • Secure better insurance rates by improving SMS scores